Stakeholder relations are key to your work. Through concerted engagement, we will help you get the best out of these relationships by working with your staff and clients in developing close, interdependent ties that breeds a culture of high performance. 

Policy + Governance
▪ If you need support in developing policies and procedures, you can rely on us to quickly bring your policy or procedure from concept to paper. 
▪ Let us review your organizational structure and define more effective ways of organizing your administration. Through interviews and a review of the "mechanics" of your organization, we'll identify the most optimal reporting structure and the champions who can accelerate your work.

Strategy + Research
Invite us to work with you in articulating a strategic plan. After meeting with you, we'll research "growth avenues" for you to explore, narrow down appropriate options and help you choose the path that gets you on your way to enhancing your work.

Writing + Editing
Working on a report or plan? Do you need an extra pair of eyes to give you feedback or to edit? Hire us to help you with any of your writing and editing tasks. We're especially proud of our talent–we strive for an exceptional level of accuracy and will partner with you to create messaging and content that leaves a lasting impression with your audience. 

Want to know what your stakeholders are thinking? Let us create and implement a survey on your behalf. An analysis of the results will help you make informed decisions knowing what your stakeholders think about your work.

Project Management
Hire us to inform or manage the project(s) that you currently have or are planning to start. We specialize in program and service delivery project management, with professionals who are trained in a variety of methods to help achive your objectives quickly and accurately.

For potential clients in the health care sphere, we have developed considerable skill in various aspects of the health care system, including:

▪ Staff & physician engagement;  
▪ Patient & family centred care practices & engagement methods;
▪ Quality improvement & patient safety practices;
▪ Governance reviews;
▪ External stakeholder relations; and
▪ Communications.

All inquires are welcome. Pricing for our services is typically estimated by work order and after an initial consultation.