Cameron Fani
Canada: 1-780-719-6797
United States: 1-503-928-7741

Cameron Fani is a graduate of the University of Alberta School of Business. Formally trained in project management, change management, and stakeholder engagement methods and practices, Cameron has applied his training and expertise to both private and publicly funded institutions.

Within the health care sphere, Cameron has served in a number of health care delivery and administrative sectors, including Acute, Continuing, and Correctional care and Quality Improvement (specifically within the Patient Engagement and Patient Safety portfolios) and at the provincial ministerial level, supporting the administration of publicly funded health care insurance. In the community, Cameron has worked to raise awareness of the linkages between social and economic development and health and in providing opportunities for the public to increase their knowledge of the health care system. Learn more about his health advocacy work by visiting www.raisehealth.net.

Cameron and the network of consultants affiliated with Fani Consulting are excited to work with you on your projects, programs and strategies. Together, we are thoroughly invested in the impact you want to achieve, and offer the tools, methods, strategies, and time to help accelerate your efforts.